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Bible Baptist Church

Preaching an unchanging gospel that still changes lives

Toddlers enjoy learning about God and the Bible too! That's why we have a Toddler Church that meets every Sunday morning during the regular church service. Here the 18 month to 5 yr. olds sit at their little tables and learn about our wonderful God and what His word says. They enjoy a Bible story geared to them, singing children's Bible songs and coloring a picture that goes along with their Bible story.
We see this as an important ministry in establishing a strong spiritual foundation in the lives of these precious little souls whom Jesus loves. We have four ladies who alternate Sundays working as teams of two who love little children and would love to see your toddler's smiling face joining in the fun.

"Working with the toddlers is a blessing and a privilege! I love their excitement about the Bible stories, hearing them recite memory verses, and hearing their little voices sing all the songs so enthusiastically. They are precious and keep things so fun and interesting with all their unique little personalities"
-Abby Dean   

"It's such a privilege and so much fun to teach all the toddlers. I love to hear all the things they have to say about the Bible stories, and their questions  I love to teach them all!"
-Lydia Dean