967 Forest Ave. 
Orono ME, 04473 


Bible Baptist Church

Preaching an unchanging gospel that still changes lives

Church Services 

When you come to Bible Baptist Church you will find a place where people gather to sing God's praises and hear from God's precious word. Our preaching is straight from the King James Bible and will meet the needs of the heart. We believe that God works through His word, so the Bible must be the center of our services. Our hope is in the truths of the Bible so the Bible is lifted up at Bible Baptist Church. Our people are friendly and thrilled at the things of God. Our music is God glorifying and ministers to the spirit. You will hear the great time tested and honored hymns of the faith as we sing together as a congregation. You will hear beautiful special music and songs that bring honor and glory to God's person.
Our services begin with singing and enjoying special music ranging from soloists to an octet, then we open the word of God to drink in the refreshing and never outdated truths of God. After our services there is plenty of time for fellowship and enjoying the company of God's children.Our services are what would be called traditional, but by no means dry. We may be old fashioned but we are not outdated. We believe church should be a place where God is worshiped.
Our prayer is that you will see Jesus in the people, prayer, music, and preaching of our church. Our desire is to be an encouragment and blessing to you.